Christmas Post  2020
Christmas parcel collection

Christmas Post 2020

We all know that Christmas will be very different this year and we would like to help in whatever way we can if you are local and may find visiting the post office difficult. We would like to bring packaging, cards, stamps,vouchers or whatever  you may need to your home and also collect any parcels that you have ready to post from you at the same time or whenever they are prepared. We could also post calendars out for you to save you having to come out to do it. You would NOT need to open any sort of account nor would you need a printer but we would need to make a small charge for using the service. We have carefully considered the impact for us and regretfully would need to charge £1 per delivery or collection. This charge is only being made to cover our costs and we do hope you understand. It is one charge per collection/delivery not one per item, although we ask that you please don’t request our attendance if you are self isolating due to covid or suspected covid. We could only be able to  do this by allocating time slots to you and taking payment by card/cash at the door or over the phone. If you could contact us by messenger or email it would be easier for us to manage but if you need to call the office please have as much information ready as possible and be aware that you may need to leave a message. You can email anytime, find us on facebook (@gallowgate) (@largspo)  or request a booking on google (Largs Post Office) these are our preferred options. Please give us as much detail as possible. If you need to you can call the office on 01475675520 and we will call you back when we can, Thanks everyone 🙂    

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