Do your basic banking at the Post Office

You can now  do a lot of your basic banking at the Post Office for both personal and business accounts.

You can withdraw cash up to your daily limit as specified by your bank.


You can withdraw any amount of cash from most current accounts up to your daily limit from us.

Many banks now also allow you to deposit cash with us using your card. This method means that the account is credited instantly.Using a deposit slip to do this generally takes an extra day.

Cheque deposits are treated differently as they are sent away to a processing centre to be credited to you. It is requested that you include a personalised deposit slip to allow the transaction  to be completed quickly. These can be easily obtained from your bank.

We will always give you a receipt for the cheque envelope we accept

Business Banking

We can take business deposits and give bulk coins to you for your business if your bank allows this through the Post Office.

It would be very helpful and quicker to process if you could present your notes with a list, sorted into denominations and as flat as possible to allow us to count them quickly in our machine.

Thank you

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